Thursday 3 December 2015

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit

There are stunning things in life and then there’s this.

I’ve never gotten myself down to Space.NK faster than I did for this Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit, although I hadn’t yet tried Hourglass products, a realisation I find quite shocking myself. I’ve meant to, but I’ve just never quite been sure what I wanted to try first.

This palette seems like a great option for those like me who’re unfamiliar with the brand. I do agree this palette isn’t good value for money when you compare the individual edits against the full-sized Hourglass compacts. But what I like about this edit is that it’s a great all-in-one option. It’s travel friendly, the mirror is huge, and considering how undecided I was about which Hourglass powders to try first, it’s also quite a relief for me.

I’ve had so much fun trying all of these, and switching things up every day. There’s so much choice! I wouldn’t use the Ambient Lighting Powders to set my makeup, instead I prefer to dust them over the high points of my face as a highlight.

Iridescent Light (middle, top row), is the one I gravitate towards the most, but I also like mixing Diffused Light (right, top row), and Dim Light (left, top row) for when I want a very subtle hint of something.

Predictably, Mood Exposure is ridiculously beautiful (left, bottom row), and Luminous Bronze Light is the pretties shade of bronze I’ve ever seen. I don’t like shimmery bronzers much, but this one I can live with. 

But what are your thoughts on this palette?

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