Monday 23 November 2015

Autumnal Tones

I started November off with my nails in an unhappy place. They just weren’t the length I prefer them to be, and my solution when I’m not happy with my nails is to opt for nude shades. So far, this autumn has included a mixture of nudes, taupe, and grey and I rather like the lot.

On the taupe spectrum is my all-time favourite nail colour, Leighton Denny’s Supermodel. It’s a taupe with mauve undertones that's pretty much the brand's hero shade, and it compliments every single thing.

Bourjois’ So Laque Glossy nail polishes are insanely good also! The shade variety could be better, but the formula is so incredibly long lasting. I wash my hands far more frequently than is normal, so I generally avoid commenting on how long nail polish lasts on me. But two coats of Taupe Modele and my manicure usually lasts a good four days before it begins to chip, and longer if I use a top coat. As far as greys go, it’s a very flattering shade that doesn’t appear too flat because of its glossy finish.

My favourite nude is Nails Inc.’s Basil Street. It’s simple and perfect, and is a true nude. For a pink tint, Revlon’s ColourStay Gel Envy in the shade Perfect Pair is great. I’ve never used Revlon nail polishes, but the finish is lovely and glossy, although not quite gel-like if you ask me.

All of these nail shades share a few things in common. They’re thin formulas that apply effortlessly, and they’re all sheer in application. Two coats is enough for an opaque application, but I also like the slight undone look they give when sheer.

What are your autumn go-to nail shades?


  1. I've recently been wearing gels and they've allowed my nails to grow so much over the past month - it's like miracle haha.

    I'm a sucker for routine so I rarely deviate from nude or neutral tones all year round! I totally agree with you, Basil Street is gorgeous!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

    1. I'm the same, it's only recently that I've been mixing it up. Normally, I'd be wearing reds or berry tones this time of year, but I love all of these.

  2. Such pretty shades, I love subtle neutrals like this!

    Makeup Monster


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