Wednesday 30 December 2015

2015 Favourites || Skin & Hair

I’ve never had year end favourites before! I’m pretty excited about this lot, even though my selection is rather tame.

I’ve never used a cleanser as consistently as I’ve used the Superfacialist Vitamin C Skin Renew Cleansing Oil. At first, I wasn’t too keen and I felt it didn’t cleanse my face entirely. But something changed along the line and two bottles later, it’s still my favourite morning wake up call!

I’ve always been lazy with exfoliating, but since I started using Sanctuary’s Radiant Exfoliator I’ve been consistently exfoliating weekly! It’s just lovely, and gritty, and it really makes a difference, and the radiant factor is definitely there!

I bought Caudalie’s Grape Water on a whim, but it’s such a necessity nowadays! It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and plump, and it’s also helped reduce the oiliness of my T-Zone.

I must love Origins’ A Perfect World Age Defense Moisturiser with White Tea a whole load, because £36 for a day cream is ridiculous! But it’s beautifully hydrating without being greasy, and it has a satin like finish that makes applying foundation a piece of cake! The SPF factor is great for the folk like me that forget it during winter too!

I’ve also not used a different shampoo and conditioner since trying L’Oreal Elvive’s Fibrology Thickening range. My hair used to be fine, but there’s just so much of it now! Both are so nourishing and my hair’s better than ever, so I don’t see me switching these any time soon!

If I had to give up all other night time products and just use these two, I wouldn’t even flinch! The fine lines below my eyes, and those tell-tale signs of tiredness aren’t as prominent with th serum, and the Trilogy cream is a restful night’s sleep and good nutrition in a jar. What more could I need?


  1. oh I always love caudalie products so this one must be very good too. Should really try it!

    1. It's really great!

      I thought it was a completely unnecessary product, but it's very good and so refreshing also!


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