Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Miss G Couture Complexions brush set

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I’m obsessed with this shade of turquoise!

My makeup and vanity area is my desk and general work space, and since moving I’ve tried to stick to pops of blue here and there to brighten the space. I’ll admit, I bought these brushes because they fit my theme, but I get good use out of them, so it’s surely a win.

Firstly, they’re a bargain! At £25 for a set of twelve, you can’t say much about the price. I’d never heard of Miss G Couture’s Complexions range, but this set kept cropping up in my twitter feed, and I’m easily convinced.

The sizes are similar overall, but I mostly needed blush brushes so I’m okay with that. The synthetic bristles pick up product well, and do a lovely job of blending. One or two of the brushes don’t feel as soft as the others though, the highlighter brush mostly, but that could just be a flaw in my set though.

I like the weight of these brushes, because I can be a bit heavy handed with blending yet they feel sturdy. But so far, they haven’t shed one bit in the weeks I’ve used them.

My favourite of the lot is the round contour brush. I’ve always preferred an angled brush to contour, but I can’t get enough of this one!

The stippling brush sure isn’t going to stipple anything, and the flat foundation brush is, if you ask me, a complete waste. I’m also not a fan of double ended brushes, but luckily there’s only one.

The entire set comes in a cylindrical holder, with both halves doubling as handy brush holders. It would also make a great travel accessory for storing your brushes and keeping them from being damaged.

Do you need them? I’m going to say you do!

Right now, I’m very keen on colourful, large brushes. Do you have any suggestions?

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Clarins Booster Energy

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While I know a lack of sleep to be one of the most threatening factors to the health of our skin, I try and I still can’t get on the right side of rest. It makes an incredible difference yes, but I would also like to find products that can help combat the visible signs of a poor night’s sleep.

The Clarins Boosters seemed a good way to go. There are four within the range, Energy, Radiance-Plus, Detox, and Repair, each housed in a cute bottle like this, with 15ml of product. I picked up the Energy booster as my first sample of the range. Though I don’t usually buy Clarins, because I’ve long since known which side of the paraben argument I fall on, this is one of the few products in the Clarins range that’s paraben free.

The Energy booster is targeted at minimizing the signs of fatigue, and in doing so revitalising the complexion, toning, and increasing radiance. The key ingredient is Ginseng Root Extract, but it also contains a peptide and wheat protein, along with glycols, which correct me if I’m wrong, are synthetic ingredients. So there seems to be a contradiction between the ingredients and the promised potent plant extract rich formula.

Plainly, it doesn’t do much of anything for my skin.

I’ve used this booster as a treatment on particular days and then on consecutive days, but I could only spot a minor difference to my complexion after six straight days of using a generous amount, and I’m not sure I’d contribute that difference to it.

I would say, as instructed, don’t apply it directly to your skin, because I did feel an uncomfortable tingling one time I didn’t use much moisturiser to mix it with, but other than that, I use at least five to six drops per application without any issue.

To be blunt, if you’re looking for an effective radiance booster, I wouldn’t recommend this at all. I think there are products much more capable, and considering this 15ml bottle costs £30, it’s been a waste of money. If you’re curious though, I would suggest asking for a sample first before you commit.

Have you tried any of the Clarins Boosters?

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette

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Apparently, I own too many eyeshadow palettes. As if that’s a thing.

After months of cooing over everyone else’s Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, I finally got my hands on my own! And though I tend to switch my everyday eyeshadow about as frequently as a Trump Twitter tirade occurs, we’re getting along just fine!

But before I go on a tangent about the many reasons this is my favourite palette I’ve ever bought, let me mention the important bits.

The pigment is insane! The lightest touch of a brush is enough. The shades are quite chalky compared to some ABH singles, but that’s to be expected considering the pigment. Even still, I never suffer any fall-out on my face when going to work! With a good primer, I can go a full work day without a single crease.

The double-ended brush that comes in the palette is surprisingly rather good too!

The felt exterior is a pet hate of mine, but so far the material is better quality than Urban Decay’s Original Naked palette, and has yet to pick up lint, and that says something!

I usually sweep Tempera across my lids, and mix Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange for a transition shade. Then I pack on Realgar all over my lips and below my bottom lash line. If I’m feeling daring, I’ll add Red Ochre to the mix.

Although I’m no longer terrified of being creative with eyeshadows, I’m still not as adventurous as most with my looks.

So which shades would you use together?
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