Sunday 31 July 2016

Sunday Rituals

Sundays are for good intentions.

I wake with the best of ideas, but somehow the intent trickles down and out of sight. I wake up saying I’ll work out, and never do, or that I’ll cook in bulk and then that doesn’t happen, but somehow, the only constant is my Sunday pamper routine. To become all zen and purposeful,

I start off with a cup of Kusmi Detox Tea and by lighting my favourite Cranberry Zest Yankee Candle. Then I exfoliate with the Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator. I find the only way I can be constant about exfoliating, is if I do so right before I get into the shower. I love the fruity scent and gritty feel of this one. It gets the job done and perks up my skin quite well, but it’s definitely a once a week type of product.

After a long hot shower, I use Origins’ Clear Improvement Pore Clearing Mask on my T-zone. I don’t quite think this mask works much for me anymore. I think it’s time to revert back to the good old fashion pore cleansing strips.

I like to use a detox shampoo most Sundays, and when I do, to give back to my hair, I use restorative or hydrating mask. The L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mask is new to me. It’s got quite a masculine scent to it, not a nice one at that, but it definitely makes my hair softer and shiner.

Manicures are where those good intentions fail me. I never seem to get further than a good trim, shape, and cuticle session, which is why I pretty much always just end up slapping on a nude five minutes before I rush out on a Monday.

It’s the plan that counts, right?

What’s your Sunday routine?

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